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Emma Testimonial 2

“There are major crossroads in one’s life where the decisions made are critical in ensuring the future for oneself and that of one’s children. Divorce is perhaps the most demanding of such times and as such, it’s imperative to have the support and advice of someone with the impeccable integrity, knowledge, expertise, and savvy, to help navigate the twists and turns which threaten the existence of all that it has taken years to build. 

From the moment I met Emma, she has been all this and more. Not only is Emma’s knowledge of the law unparalleled, but her compassion and unfaltering determination to find the best possible outcome for her clients is without question the reason why I can walk away from my marriage financially and emotionally stable. 

After a marriage of 18 years, and three children, I found myself in a very contentious divorce which involved hidden assets, delay tactics, violation of court orders, and contention in regards to the children’s welfare to name just a few. Without Emma, I would have been at the mercy of my ex-husband whose almost total control of the finances gave him significant advantage over me heading into the divorce. Emma leveled the playing field. Without Emma, I could not have navigated the many pitfalls which arose in my 3 year divorce and emerge with the ability to take care of myself and to provide for my children’s future.

Emma saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars while also enabling my children and me with the freedom and stability we needed to emerge out of this traumatic period of our lives whole. She protected our financial integrity by not only securing a significant maintenance award but also a very favorable property settlement with which to rebuild our lives.

Without hesitation as with all sincerity, I would recommend Emma to be your advocate.” 

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