Resolving Divorce through Mediation in Colorado

The Denver Center for Mediation & Collaborative Law

Mediation is less costly, both emotionally and financially, than a legal battle in the courtroom. At Harrington Brewster Mahoney and Smits, P.C. and The Denver Center for Mediation & Collaborative Law, we have extensive experience helping families resolve their conflicts without resorting to court. Call 303-831-0808 or contact us online to determine whether divorce mediation is right for you.

We Are Attorney-Mediators

Although we often recommend mediation for our divorce clients, we also act as neutral mediators ourselves. If our attorney is the mediator in your divorce, we cannot give you legal advice. Our role as attorney-mediators is to help you and your spouse reach mutual agreement. We work with you to find a positive solution.

Many courts require spouses to attempt alternative dispute resolution (ADR) before taking their divorce to trial. Whether you have an attorney or you and your spouse want to divorce without legal representation, we can mediate your divorce. We also prepare and draft all necessary documents.

The Mediators of Harrington Brewster Mahoney and Smits, P.C.

Our partners– Terri Harrington, Cyndi Brewster and Carrie Clein – started the Denver Center for Mediation & Collaborative Law in 2008. We truly believe that spouses, and especially children, are better off when divorce is resolved outside of the courtroom.

We generally conduct mediation at our office. If you cannot be in the same room as your spouse, whether because of a restraining order or another reason, we have two large conference rooms. If you prefer, we can also travel to your home or office to conduct mediation.