Post Divorce Decree Modifications

Child Custody ∙ Child Support ∙ Alimony

After a divorce has been finalized, divorce decrees go into effect. This can include child custody, parenting plans, child support and spousal maintenance. These court orders are enforceable, but they can be modified. However, in order for the court to approve a modification, the parties must show that their circumstances have changed significantly enough to warrant a modification.

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Modifying a Divorce Decree

We have many years of experience in family law matters. We can help you explore your options in modifying:

  • Child support — A modification may be possible if either parent’s financial situation has changed significantly, or if the financial needs of the child have changed.

  • Parenting plan / child custody — A number of circumstances can trigger the need for a child custody modification: a new job, a change in the child’s needs, drug or alcohol abuse by a parent, a change in the child’s preferences and more. We can also assist in child relocation / child move-away matters.

  • Alimony / spousal maintenance — Alimony may or may not be modifiable depending on how the agreement was drafted. A modification can extend alimony, increase or decrease alimony or stop alimony altogether. This is often dependent on the receiving spouse’s financial needs, and on the paying spouse’s income and ability to continue payments.

Lives change after a divorce is finalized. It is often necessary to modify a divorce decree in a way that makes sense given each individual’s current life situation. We are here to provide the legal services necessary to explore your options and make those changes.