Protection Orders

A civil protection order is a legal tool designed to protect victims of domestic violence. The attorneys at Harrington Brewster and Clein, P.C. are skilled and experienced in both obtaining and defending against protection orders. Protection orders help break the cycle of anger and abuse and start the process of healing and moving on. Any protection order case begins with a Temporary Protection order. For many families, a temporary separation is all that is needed to calm tensions. After a few weeks apart, many people find that they are ready to move on with the divorce process. In more serious cases of domestic violence however, a short break will not be enough. A long term or permanent protection order may be appropriate. If that is the case, an evidentiary hearing or trial will be held. The attorneys at HBMS are skilled litigators who zealously represent their client’s interests in protection order hearings.

In all cases of domestic violence where children are involved, a parenting plan must be devised which allows the children to have the best chance for a healthy and strong relationship with the offending parent while keeping the children safe. This can be difficult to accomplish. With their strong backgrounds in collaborative law, mediation, child development, the attorneys at Harrington Brewster Mahoney and Smits, P.C. are particularly well suited to craft parenting plans that effectively rehabilitate offending parents and allow children to have safe, healthy and meaningful relationships with both parents.