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Our attorneys at Harrington Brewster Mahoney Smits, P.C., have more than 30 years of experience guiding Colorado clients through family law disputes and providing alternate methods of dispute resolution. They bring their experience as collaborative lawyers, neutral mediators and traditional advocates to help clients resolve their individual situations. They strive to treat our clients with dignity and consideration through cooperation and respectful communication. Based in Denver, our practice serves clients throughout the greater metro area.

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You With Nearly Any Matter Related To Family Law

Harrington Brewster Mahoney Smits, P.C., is not a general practice firm that dabbles in many types of law. We are exclusively focused on family law, and that allows our lawyers to give clients highly knowledgeable representation in a wide range of topics, including matters involving assisted reproductive technology law and LGBTQ family law. It also maximizes options for clients who want to resolve their divorce or custody matters without the acrimony and stress of traditional litigation. To that end, we offer services related to mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. Of course, if your case requires litigation, our attorneys are fully prepared to advocate aggressively to protect your interests and those of your children.

You Can Choose Your Level Of Representation Through Unbundled Legal Services

In the “limited representation” or “unbundled legal assistance” model of conflict resolution, the client acts as their own case manager and takes primary responsibility for the divorce, making use of legal counsel on an “as-needed” basis to help in resolving specific issues, talking with witnesses or experts, attending mediation, and drafting documents such as pleadings, child support worksheets and financial affidavits. Our lawyers can also negotiate issues with the other party or their attorney as well as advise the client when needed.

Rule 11 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure states that an attorney may undertake to provide limited legal representation to a pro se (unrepresented) party involved in a court proceeding. Pleadings or papers filed by the pro se party that were prepared with the drafting assistance of the attorney shall include the attorney’s name, address, telephone and registration number.

The retainer for limited or unbundled legal representation is usually smaller than the retainer for conventional representation, as the attorney does not go to court and, therefore, is not serving at the discretion of the court but at the discretion of the client. This can work well for simple cases or for cases where the client is capable of representing him or herself but needs some legal guidance. The client may only need an hour or two of legal service or, sometimes, much more.

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