Stepparent Adoptions

A stepparent adoption is a legal process in which a new husband, wife or partner seeks to adopt the child of his or her spouse or partner. In order for a stepparent adoption to occur, the biological parent without child custody must terminate his or her parental rights. A stepparent adoption can also occur if the biological parent’s location is unknown.

Family Adoptions ∙ Grandparent Adoptions

Our law firm assists grandparents, aunts and uncles and other family members wishing to adopt a minor child. An adoption — as opposed to a guardianship — permits greater legal responsibilities for the caregiver. An adopted child can receive an inheritance from his or her adoptive parents. Additional legal privileges also separate an adoption from a guardianship.

Second Parent Adoptions

A second-parent adoption is a legal process which allows a child who has one sole legal parent to be adopted by another parent. Although the sole legal parent must consent to the adoption, his or her rights are not terminated by the second-parent adoption. A second-parent adoption can be used to help gay and lesbian couples adopt a child in Colorado.

Other Adoptions

Our firm’s attorneys can assist you with other types of adoption, including:

  • Agency adoptions

  • Open adoptions

  • Closed adoptions

  • Foster parent adoptions

The adoption process can be long and complicated. We are here to help make it go as smoothly as possible, with the ultimate goal of helping your family grow. We have helped countless families throughout the Denver area in all areas of family law. Check out our testimonial pages to see what our clients have said.