Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted reproductive technology (“ART”) provides assistance with pregnancy and childbirth through the use of medical technology to those looking to build their families. ART law encompasses the creation of sperm donor agreements, egg donor agreements and surrogacy agreements. ART law also includes the facilitation of stepparent and second-parent adoptions, as well as the obtainment of pre and post birth certificate orders so that intended parents are placed on their child’s birth certificate.

ART is a growing and quickly evolving field and the corresponding law varies greatly from state to state. Due to the unique and ever-changing nature of the legal issues raised in connection with ART, it is important that all parties, including intended parents, donors and surrogates, be fully advised of their roles, obligations and rights. ART-related agreements are highly negotiable. These agreements must be in writing and should clearly define each participant’s role, obligations and rights. It is also important that all such agreements anticipate and thoroughly address any reasonably foreseeable complication that may arise. The knowledgeable attorneys at Harrington Brewster Mahoney and Smits P.C. are experienced in ART law and can assist families with the negotiating and drafting of surrogacy, sperm donor and egg donor agreements, the obtainment of pre and post birth orders, and can facilitate stepparent and second-parent adoptions.