Resolving Conflict through Collaborative Law in Colorado

Trial is generally not the best option in cases involving families. Arguing your case in court can be expensive and emotionally draining. At Harrington Brewster Mahoney Smits, P.C., we can help resolve your dispute through the collaborative law process. Whether you are going through a divorce or other legal conflict, collaborative law offers a structured and flexible alternative to court.

Making Decisions Together for the Good of the Whole

Our attorneys have extensive collaborative law training and practice. Deeply involved in the Colorado Collaborative Law Professionals group, we are dedicated to helping clients resolve their disputes without expensive and time-consuming litigation. Collaborative law allows people to set their own time frame and better control the outcome of their situation while having legal counsel help them through the divorce process.

Collaborative law is an open, honest process. Both parties sign agreements to resolve their dispute without court. Working with relevant experts such as financial and mental health professionals, lawyers and their clients come to a solution that will benefit everyone both now and in the future. There is a healthy respect and consideration for all parties’ interests. In fact, all attorneys that are involved in any collaborative law case have an ethical obligation to encourage the clients to consider the needs of the entire family.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

We have years of family law experience. For many spouses, their relationship with each other will not end after divorce, so it is important to learn effective communication, especially when children are involved. In collaborative law, coaches provide the tools needed to continue as a productive and effective parent in the years following separation. 

It is generally not in a divorcing couple’s best interest to engage in a lengthy battle regarding every decision. Collaborative divorce assists families in resolving fundamental issues far less destructively. 

Looking to learn more? Watch this quick video below from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

We Can Help Resolve Your Conflict

We started the Denver Center for Mediation & Collaborative Law to help clients achieve their legal goals without protracted courtroom litigation. Call 303-831-0808 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.