Early Neutral Evaluation

Coming to Agreements Early in the Divorce Process in Colorado

As someone considering divorce, your position as a spouse and parent will change. It is natural to be worried about the outcome. The longer you wait to seek advice, the greater the likelihood of conflict.

At Harrington Brewster Mahoney and Smits, P.C., we can help you avoid courtroom litigation and resolve your family law dispute through early neutral evaluation. We invite you to call 303-831-0808 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Evaluating Your Situation and Making Recommendations

In an early neutral evaluation, sometimes called early neutral assessment, an attorney will act as a neutral party to make recommendations relating to your divorce. Along with a mental health professional, we will listen to your concerns. You and your spouse will each have an opportunity to present your version of the situation.

After hearing both sides of the story, we will make recommendations based on what is best for you and your family. You and your spouse can then choose to accept or reject our recommendations. Early neutral evaluation can be especially helpful when children are involved. Your children will feel less stress if you come to an agreement with your spouse without resorting to court.

Making the Divorce Process Easier

Going through divorce is always difficult, but coming to an agreement early can make it easier for your family. We started the Denver Center for Mediation & Collaborative Law to help clients achieve their legal goals without the need for courtroom litigation.